About us

History of the Company

SalesToro Management LTD is a young Bulgarian company, established in 2010 in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city. Initially, its activities were related to Ecommerce and Ecommerce Software. We started as an online trading company.

From 2019 we offer a Fulfillment service, with which we could save the online merchant hiring a warehouse, staff, as well as working with them. Due to the growing market, we have established a logistics base and developed a software for servicing a large number of orders. Our main business includes the implementation and management of activities, related to the implementation of e-commerce.

For the time of 10 years our company has been developing relatively fast and on a large scale. We accept Your goods in the warehouse of SalesToro. Because we work with courier companies, we could offer you delivery of your parcels from and to every point of Bulgaria, but we also focus on offering services to other countries in the world – Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland. We have the desire in the coming years to expand and conduct e-commerce to other countries.

We could proudly brag about the following services:

  • Large warehouse in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city;
  • Own call center (in Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek and other languages), which accepts and serves orders of our customers in the field of online sales;
  • Receiving and sending orders;
  • Preparation and management of individual marketing strategies and campaigns for new or already active online stores;
  • Printing, storage and delivery of advertising materials.

Our Mission

Nowadays, one business has the need of the constant process optimization and speed in order to be competitive and fully efficient. These are the two main processes, that have helped the launch of SalesToro Fulfillment Center. Thanks to our recipe for success, that behind each business there are people, we have proven ourselves to many Fulfillment clients. The connecting motto between the team of SalesToro Fulfillment Center and its clients is “Win – Wins”.


  • Logistics Service

  • Integrated Fulfillment System

  • Call Center And Customer Service

  • Printing, Storage And Delivery Of Advertising Materials

  • Preparation And Management Of Individual Marketing Strategies And Campaigns




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