• Logistics Service

    The most important processes in our work

    SalesToro introduces an integrated management software application of the stocks of the products in the warehouse and the orders from the e-shop (integrated FULFILLMENT system);

    Collection and assembly of products in the warehouse of SalesToro;

    Accounting for product stocks in the integrated system of SalesToro;

    Accepting orders from the online store;

    Preparation / packaging of goods for shipment in a branded box;

    Preparation and printing of accompanying documents and bill of lading and attachment to the shipment;

    Delivery of the shipment by courier;

    Processing of the returned shipment – receipt of the returned shipment by the courier, checking the condition of the products / goods, posting the products in a good condition again in the warehouse of SalesToro.

  • Integrated Fulfillment System

    Why you have to choose SalesToro Management LTD as Your partner?

    We have an automated warehouse system for order management and warehouse;

    Integration with Your platform could be done in a real time and urgent implementation is guaranteed;

    You have the opportunity to attach your orders via EXCEL;

    Automatic courier bill generation through our system of SalesToro;

    Complete synchronization of the SalesToro system with the e-shop for reference – synchronization of product stocks, synchronization of order statuses and last but not least synchronization of order statuses;

    Your products are accepted by generating individual barcode numbers;

    Extremely strict control of the goods upon acceptance in the warehouse for conformity and good commercial appearance;

    Strict monitoring of the order packing process;

    Elimination of errors in the packaging of shipments, as the platform of SalesToro automatically reduces the initially entered number of the respective product with the individual barcode number;

    Real-time access – you have the opportunity to monitor 24/7 Your available in stocks, divided by country;

    Processing of returns of undelivered and / or refused shipments to a local address, to which Your customers send the refused shipments at a low price.

  • Call Center And Customer Service

    What does the service include?

    SalesToro Management LTD has a call center with experienced professionals, which could service Your incoming and outgoing calls from customers or to generate additional orders.

    Local call center with Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish speaking operators;

    Incoming and outgoing telephone calls;

    Possibility to use the call center as an information line for Your products;

    Checking orders and delivery details;

    Conducted outgoing call for a clarification, a response to an inquiry, an order confirmation – shipping address, product, quantity;

    Processing of customer inquiries and complaints;

    The average duration of 1 telephone call is up to 3 minutes.

  • Printing, Storage And Delivery Of Advertising Materials

    Printing and production

    Printing of accompanying documents, which are different from the bill of lading / invoices, goods receipts, warranty cards and others, A4 format, one-sided black and white printing;

    Storage of materials;

    Sorting and transportation to the necessary settlements;

    Mass delivery to a mailbox or according to specially set by the customer criteria;

    Campaign feedback and reporting.

  • Preparation And Management Of Individual Marketing Strategies And Campaigns For New Or Already Active Online Stores

    What does the service include?

    Build your own perspective database;

    Earn more than successful Facebook campaigns;

    Technical support when installing tracking codes or integrating with external systems ( email, landing pages, SMS, etc. );

    Remind your customers about Your products through remarketing campaigns;

    Sell on autopilot with automated email campaigns;

    Send engaging newsletters by email;

    Perform quick online researches.


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